Lingerie Girls show how to DIY the right way!

diy lingerie

GETTING males to complete household chores just became a great deal simpler - because of these sexy instruction videos from

Formerly dull tasks doing the washing and changing a vehicle tyre are shown by lingerie-clad models. (in a tasteful way.)

Other jobs handled through the hands-on special gems include waxing a surf board, getting rid of gaffer tape, stopping bathroom mirrors steaming up throughout a baby shower and tuning a guitar. (i have never seen a guitar tuned so well!)
In addition to obtaining the women to show the strategy, also provides a listing of tools required to complete the duties.

The website may be the creation of US businessman Alex Merriman.

Video producer Alex, 26, stated he wanted to make a fun and informative experience for audiences.

The website presently has 15 how-to videos and intends to produce a new video every week.

What a fantastic idea. Help shows have seen that viewers don't just want instructions on how to do something, otherwise we would all just buy a manual. We want engaging instruction that grabs our attention.
Agree with it or not, watch the video and i bet by the end you will know how to string a guitar........that or you can spend 4 mins. looking at a lovely lady!

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