Lingerie Horoscope - 17th Feb.


Mytic Vic here,  bringing you this weeks lingerie star charts -


Greater involvement with people this week will happen, be it friends far away or work colleagues. Either way, you need to dress to impress, so elegance and comfort are needed - elegance from basques and bodies to well fitting balconette bras.
Your imagination may go into top gear mid. week next, so  designer lingerie will take your fancy here. As a good planner Aries, carefully pick your choices and don't be led up the garden path.

The Moon's node moves from Capricorn into Sagittarius, where it will stay for approximately 18 months. This is important for you as it may impact your financial affairs. It is up to you if this is positive or negative. This will reflect you lingerie choices - do you make do or go for the items you really want?
You are open to new ideas this week, so think about lingerie you may not usually go for. This maybe, shapewear to get in shape or something a little more risky, like a  suspender belts even!

This week it's the Moon's node's turn to change sign. It moves from Capricorn into Sagittarius and over the next 18 months the accent moves to your closest partnerships. A shake up in thinking in either work or your personal life will follow.
You may hear criticism about you lingerie choices. Take this on-board, but decide if this is just empty suggestions or worthwhile opinions.

the Full Moon falls across the Leo/Aquarius axis and could find your thoughtful best. Given that this coincides with the Sun's annual alignment with Neptune, it's possible you will reach an important decision. Financially you will be slightly ahead, so treat yourself  if this is the case.
The change in the week, means a lingerie evaluation maybe needed.

This week's Full Moon (18th) is in your sign, so good news for you Leos! You will be on an emotional high this week if you play your cards right, which may help with wearing your best lingerie items.
Speculating on some issues is the way this week. You know your lingerie has to standout from the rest, so this week means you can go that one step further with your lingerie choices.
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) may ask for your help with their lingerie choices, which will bring you confidence and admiration. Sharing ideas does work!

Uranus is still moving through your opposite sign (will leave next month after several years), meaning some chaos will be with you. You will ride the storm and you may feel irritated, but with the right lingerie, it will smooth the journey.
Any lingerie items that ease your way, is no bad thing.

Around the full moon, you will need to look at your partnerships, either conclude them or give them an extra push - will it be the plain lingerie or get out the good stuff? Libras will have to do some planning to achieve things, which include partnerships. Without the planning, you will end up frustrated and lingerie-less....not good!

The Full Moon on Friday is in another of the Fixed signs (Leo) and accents the top of your solar chart, showing you can be in the centre of proceedings. Many things seem out of your control, so grab what you really want from your lingerie.
Admin. duties are needed in the following week, so 'stock take'  your lingerie and decide what you need to replace or update. You may be surprised.

You'll be less instinctive and more rational in the coming week- well, at least until Friday's Full Moon, where you will have to be diplomatic and think before you speak! Practicality is not your strength, but you are better than those around you at the moment, so show that your lingerie is not just stylish, but works for other areas. Think about the swimwear, not just the basks!

You will start the week well, but it may feel like you have done something wrong as the week goes on. You may feel the need to please someone. If this is a partner, then dress your lingerie to impress.
Frustration may come about by Friday, making you feel like speaking your mind, however, your lingerie will show your true colours and guide you forward.

Much planetary activity is in your sign, you may feel a big change is around the corner.
Monday, you feel in-charge, but things may change as the week progresses.
You may feel like repairing things, instead of going for new - can that bras last another few weeks with a bit of home repair or shall i go for new?
Don't make do, follow through your plans after the full moon and you will feel better for sticking to your plans.

As long as you are aware of the full moon at the end of the week, you should be fine this week. The Sun has its annual alignment with Neptune (one of your ruling planets), prompting creative thoughts.
Think about what would work outside your norm. Try tights along with a lacy bra or different colours. Now is the time to look at things differently Pisces.


Mystic Vic.

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