Lingerie Horoscope - 23rd Feb


Mytic Vic here, bringing you this weeks lingerie star charts!


The position of the planets may encourage you to feel more enthusiastic about someone close to you than you really feel deep down, which may not be unusual for you.

Your lingerie will reflect this frame of mind. Look and feel great, but if you want to dress to impress, think about your true feelings. Decide if its a Wonderbra with suspender belt or a comfortable padded bra which you need.


You are usually very good at creating a special atmosphere, so why not take the time to make your home into a wonderful place where you can both relax with your partner or special friend.

This is the time to choose your best lingerie to impress or you may need to update your lingerie to look the best you can. If you do, you will feel better and more luxorious.

The most adventerous Taurus may go for a babydoll!


The astral configuration of your sign may put you in a dreamy mood, quite different from your normal go-getting mode of doing things.

You seek tranquility and comfort over flambuoyance, so opt. for comfy nightwear. If you are a sporty Gimini, shapewear will hug you like no other, which is what you want at this time.


Mercury, Mars, and Neptune are forming a conjunction in Aquarius for you, so you may be surprised in a good way this week by all your wonderful moneymaking ideas. With this new energy for ideas, your lingerie collection ideas will expand from your usual choices, even if this is a treat to yourself. Better still, drop hints and your partner may come up with the goods instead!


You start the week confidently, but slight hickups professionally can throw you off balance. Have you matched your lingerie correctly? Are the choices you have made reflect your mood and personality?

As a leo you are bold and up-front, so don't let the hickups spoil your frame of mind. Show them who is boss with a Wonderbra with a dress that shows the shoulders off perfectly.


This can be a good week for you Virgos, as you can combine spiritual, emotional, and self-expressiveness, but for this to work, you need to translate these thoughts into reality.

With lingerie, you normally stick with what is 'you' or what you are comfy with. Now is the time to get creative and show how you can look. Shapewear and swimwear worn as outerwear, maybe a little early in the season, but on a night out, you will get the RIGHT attention you want.


You need to be practical and evaluate this week. Be honest with your lingerie and what it is doing for you. Hard chooses need to be made. Don't hang on to that old bra like a pair of old trainers, it doesn't work like that!


An active week in on the horizon for you. Participation in activiites or volunteering may be on the cards for you. If you think lingerie is not to be thought about on this occasion, think again. Confortable underwear is needed. If you start something manual, again your lingerie may tip the balance - feel great while you work and when you get changed, great lingerie never fails to impress!


You are emotionally charged this week. This may come to like in a positive or negative way, so make sure you know the direction this will take you.

Shapewear will hold things together for you this week. If things start to get a bit on top mid-week, a Plie Control Tube will hold you together like no other.


You are well disciplined about your time and what is needed to get the job done and meet your goals. Make this time positive and choose lingerie appropriate to your confidence, you may suprise yourself.


Physical excercise is the way this week, as it will boast your confidence and push you through the hard days.You will be needing shapewear to hold you together. Sports bras are the order of the week. Your lingerie will guide you to a better sense of well being and health. What you wear is what you are, so dress to reflect your better side.


The positive planetary transits allows you to have access to pure romance this week, so make the most of this situation and choose the lingerie items to enhance this romantic situation.

What you may go for second nature may not be the right choice. Stop and think if Basques & Bodies from Fantasie and Panache maybe better this week. If you don't want to be that flamoyant, then a colourful, lacy bra and briefs will do the same.

regards and i hope your lingerie is good to you this week,

Mystic Vic.

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