Lingerie Horoscope - 2nd March


Mytic Vic here, bringing you this weeks lingerie star charts!


The weather is getting better and the planets are aligning to your sign. These are good times, so clear out your old lingerie and start a new! Look to more frilly and lacy than your usual lingerie choices.


You have had a winter of planning and caring for your home. You need a treat.
This doesn't have to be extravagant, just to give yourself a reward. Look for something that will boast your confidence, but not hit your purse too much. Maybe, a Wonderbra Ultimate strapless?


You seek tranquility and comforty, so look for comfy nightwear. Gemini's you will want to also impress as you may swop mood - have a choice of colours or fabrics as you need to go with your mood this week lingerie-wise.


Mercury, Mars, and Neptune are still with you, so your money-making mind set will reflect on your lingerie. If you want to power dress, have the lingerie to match - support and comfort, over fashion, but it must be elegant.


Confident and organised, you simply need to reflect this in your lingerie, either for going out or work. Feel like you are your sign!


Creative and expressive days ahead. You want to make great and need to push through to do so. Have comfortable lingerie that allows good wear and long use. the skimpiest may not work this week, unless you have that special date or night with your partner of choice.


Practicality is showing through, but you need down time to stop and plan. Shapewear is your line this week, to hold you together and express your better points.


Busy Scorpio - you need active wear, shapewear and well fitting bras. Have the kit to do the job, simple!


Many choices are available to you, but you have a hard time deciding. Weigh up the pros and cons and decide appropriately. You need to settle on your feelings and go with that, but don't settle for the usual or second best. You may try to be convinced of just big knickers, but don't be led off the path!


Meet your goals this week and the satisfaction will last you - same with your lingerie choices. If you feel fantastic in your lingerie, then your objectives will be met. Go with the flow and chooce your lingerie accordingly.


You are your sign this week and need to swim against the grain. Choose swimwear for active times and lacy bras for socialising. Colours matter, so choose wisely.


The positive planetary transits re still with you, thus romance is still on the cards. Lingerie will be choosen to reflect your mood and confidence, but judge your date and chhose from there.

regards and i hope your lingerie is good to you this week,

Mystic Vic.

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