Lingerie Horoscope - Wed 9th Feb.


Welcome to the first post of Beau Dame's Lingerie Horoscope!
Amazingly, our in house lingerie expert Victoria, revealed to us all that she is also a mystic and can analyse the stars to predict what lingerie matters will concern you in the coming days/weeks/years. (i know, we were also blown away by this revelation!)

So, Mystic Vic. will bring you regular lingerie advice, direct from your star sign, regular as clock-work or star work, we have just been told.
We hope this mystic insight will bring you much needed guidance to your future success with lingerie.


You might take advantage of everyone's absence to catch up on work you need to do alone, Aries. Time to review your lingerie and prioritise what you really want from your lingerie.
Friends may try to distract you from your objectives, but being Aries, you will be right on track.

Oh house proud one. You love your nightwear, so make sure you get the best.
A man may call with a baby, so feel comfortable with the correct fitting bra and to look your best, try a bit of shapewear.

Promise of possible financial advancement could cause you to plunge (bra)  into a lot of paperwork today.
You must feel comfortable for this task, so shapewear and well fitting bras and briefs are a must.

Your physical energy is likely to be very high this week, so look for Sports bras like the Shock absorber to give you support.
You will meet a stranger, from far make an impression.

You may have projects you want to finish and you have the energy to get a lot done. Now is the time to review your wardrobe and match your lingerie and clothing.
A proud person you are, so match your items wisely.

You like the softer way of things, so this week, look for lingerie that will satisfy you like the Curvy Kate Portia bra.
A friend will give you their advice, but be strong and stick to the way you want to do things.

You may feel stressed this week, as your stars show mis-aligment. This shows your lingerie is out of balance. Review your items and see if they are really what you want.
This is the week for change.

One of the water signs, you relish your swimwear for not just water based activities, but for close fitting summer wear.

Now is the time to make sure your collection is where you want it to be.

With a firey will, you don't mind being a little more extravagant with your lingerie tastes, so follow your instincts for what suits you.
A man may give advice on your lingerie. Good or bad, at least see their point of view.........well,  maybe not.

Down to earth one, this week could be a busy social time, so your lingerie must reflect your attitude.
Go with brighter colours and something sexy like the Fantasie range.

You are the water carrier, but that doesn't mean its all work and no play for you.
Valentines is coming and your stars say you must treat yourself, even if it is for your own hard work.
You have one of the brightest lingerie stars, so make use of it.

You have a lot on your mind at the moment, so it might be an idea to let others do the talking and you come to your own conclusions.
'Try this bra', 'try these briefs',.............. listen, but make your own mind up.
You know your mind when it comes to lingerie.

Watch out for your next predictions, coming soon!


Mystic Vic.

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