Lingerie is Fun and Functional

Lingerie is worn beneath our clothes to help mask any imperfections or to actually enhance a woman’s body. Girdles are designed to minimize women’s problem spots such as hips, stomachs and even buttocks and thighs.

Corsets were designed to minimize a woman’s waist and maximize their busts. Garter belts were designed to hold stockings in place before pantyhose were invented. There are many fun options for lingerie for women. Women can get Pokemon Lingerie, or lingerie themed around other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse.

They can buy seasonal lingerie for Christmas or lingerie with cute and empowering little sayings, such as ‘sexy momma’ or ‘hey beautiful’ on them.

Boy shorts are a fun and comfortable option that many women discover. Women’s Panties Panties have gone through many evolutions and women no longer have granny panties as their only options.

 Thongs are designed to minimize any risk of visible panty line. Boy shorts are fun and comfortable alternative, also designed to minimize panty lines. Other pairs such as bikini’s and briefs are designed for comfort and are perfect for workouts, sleeping or a women’s menstrual cycle.

Women’s Bras are designed for many things, including support and those designed for enhancement. Enhancement bras can actually lift your bust line, which is helpful if you have sagging breasts due to age or childbirth.

Cleavage ehancement bras can also have built-in padding, which add to your apparent breast size. Support bras are designed to minimize bouncing and maximize comfort.

The extreme example is a sports bra, but the majority of bras are actually built for support, to varying degrees, however, the best in the UK is the Shock absorber bra, built to reduce bounce and impact upto 74%.

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