Lingerie model now Kremlin premier snapper!

yana lapikova

Its amazing how one thing in life can lead to another, in this case, lingerie model to premiers personal photographer!

Yana Lapikova, a former Miss Moscow contestant, was called by the Kremlin to become Russian Premier Vladimir Putin personal photographer.

A news agency snapper at the time of modelling, Yana got the call unexpectantly to be behind the camera, rather in front of it.

Obviously, remarks have been made about a lingerie model being the premier's photographer and not a middle aged pap. photographer.

Press secretary Dmitry Peskov said: "It's the professionalism that matters."

Others have commented that Premier Vladimir Putin is trying to overshadow President Dmitry Medvedev after he hired his own sexy camera woman - Katya Shtukina from the Izvestia newspaper.

Either way, good luck to them both!

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