Lingerie Shopping 101

The shopping experience in a boutique is always a great experience, being replicated online with some great stores.

Alison of the celebrity-fave boutique Faire Frou Frou says on my lingerie blog, a luxury lingerie shop offers "1-on-1 advice, access to unique brands, a knowledgeable sales staff, and the ability to special-order colors, sizes, or styles not currently in stock."

1) Be open-minded.

You maybe a different bra size from what you thought or being pushed towards types of bras and knickers you're never tried before, be open minded with new products.

2) Submit to a bra fitting.

Fitting and measuring is all important. Sizes can vary per brand, so if you are measuring yourself, by a friend or professional, make sure the measurements are correct and if not sure, then check.

3) The price is not to be insulted.

If you want to know why a product costs what it does, please ask.

The cost maybe due to a special design, special run or other factors. There will always be an item to suit you.

4) Can't find what you want?

ask for a lingerie product or request is always the best way. If a product can be tracked down, then we will try and other outlets.

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