Lingerie that will enhance your body

You need new lingerie or your looking for something new or different?
Your start before looking for lingerie, is knowing your measurements. If you are having trouble with measurements, waist, hips and especially the bust line, visit our 'lingerie fitting room' for fitting and measuring advice.
Badly fitting lingerie can not only feel uncomfortable, but do little to enhance your figure.
Knowing your measurements exactly also means you know which parts of your body you can easily flaunt and what areas to work on.
Bigger busts usually will work best with bustiers or under-wire bras, that enhance the cleavage.
If you need to bring in your stomach or buttocks, then shapewear will tighten, lift and support. BeauDame lingerie have a wide choice of shapwear to choose from, for all sizes. (..ever noticed that when you wear tights or stockings your legs look better straight away? this is due to the material holding you leg muscles into a tighter shape and thus providing a simple way to shape.)
Fluid baby-dolls or night gowns also work well for hiding the stomach area and look fantastic.
Larger thighs can be covered by negligees with fullness in the skirt. Shapewear such as our Miraclesuit Hi-Waist Long Leg Brief work great for shaping the thigh area and stomach.
One added benefit to this type of shapewear? Support of the back and lower stomach muscles. Shapewear will pull in the muscles of the lower back and stomach naturally, giving the muscle stucture more support.
We have had some feedback of shapewear helping with posture and through continued use, help you train your body to hold in that position, really you can't go wrong with the correctly fitted shapewear!

If you are lucky enough to find lingerie sets that fit you all over perfectly, well done, but most our clients purchase seperate pieces for their specific needs as a set will usually have one piece that fits perfectly and another that is either too small/big.
Beaudame keep seperate lingerie pieces so you have the variety of choice to build up your own lingerie sets that fit you perfectly.
As long as your  lingerie sets are the same colour (even this is really up to you), you can mix and match many different items.

Quality lingerie is worth it.............With the correct fit and items to enhance your body in the way you know best, you will feel great and walk with confidence!

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