Lingerie Trends 2011.

Lingerie and sexy designer lingerie for the Spring/Summer 2011

Beau Dame have been scouring the net for tips, new lines and whats hot or not in the lingerie world. The lingerie for 2011 is… sexy! Dramatic black, alight colours and vivacious imaginations.
The lingerie for the Spring summer 2011 is colourful, with tendancies towards more daring designs. Brassieres and underwear colours - red coral, fluo orange, fuchsia, green water, yellow sunflower, blue sapphire and green emerald. The dominating materials: silk, tulle.
Beau Dame stock the lingerie that will not only look sexy, but feel great on a day to day basis, following the spring and summer trends from great Brands - Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Spanx, Wonderbra, Pour Moi, Curvy Kate, Elomi, Esbelt.
Freya and Fantasie are providing great swimwear designs this years in both plain and very colourful designs. Binkin tops and briefs if that is your style.

There are many smaller lingerie designers providing fantastic designs aimed more at the small run end of the market, with designs that push what is normally seen as standard designs.

With the variety, there is plenty out there for you to get your perfect choice in lingerie.

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