Lingerie wearing January Jones as Emma Frost in X-men:First Class.

january jones

This June sees the opening of the latest X-men film, X-men:First class, starring January Jones as Emma Frost.

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What has this to do with lingerie you may ask? Well, from the attached image and if you know anything about this comic book film genre, all the female characters, espcially in the comic book versions are scantily clad, amazonian women, wearing usually only addapted lingerie type wear.
January is seen here with a fetching bra . If the film was going to try and replicate the clothing and lingerie type wear of the comic books, then we think alot of sticky tape would have to be employed to keep everything staying where it should!
For the activity of the females in the film, we would recommend a strapless bra - wonderbra ultimate strapless bra or a good quality sports bra, like the Shock absorber to do the job.
Maybe with January's character able to turn herself in to diamond at will, this may extend to her bra also. Now that would be bling!

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