Magic Knickers - No more flab & no more sag!

Trinny and Susannah's magic knickers suck in the flab and hoik up the Sag.
The Trinny and Susannah Magic Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer is a seamless body shaper and works by slimming the buttocks, tummy and the thighs and gives a full silhouette lifting, shaping and slimming effect and reduces your normal size by one dress size. The Trinny and Susannah Magic Knickers Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer reduces the frame from just above the knees to rib cage. These magic knickers are made from a new bacteriostatic “skinlife” agent which is active against bacteria. The “Skinlife” agent is in the fibre and it does not wash off.

Trinny and Susannah brought magic knickers to the nation's attention on their TV show What Not To Wear. They recommended that their clients invest in a good pair of Magic Knickers to give them instant slimming results, make their clothes hang better on them, and to boost their confidence. Since then, Trinny and Susannah  have come up with their own unique range of Magic Knickers. Wear these Magic Knickers and see the change in your figure!

Trinny & Susannah Magic Knickers will help you look and feel your absolute best.


High waist shaping pantie

1. Flattens the tummy
2. Accentuates the waist without laced up or constricted feeling
3. Banishes saddlebags
4. Reduces fat rolls from thighs to rib cage
5. Gives extra support to the lower back
6. Lifts the bottom
7. No visible seams
8. Cotton gusset
9. Stays in place

The  Spanx Power Panties Magic Knickers are amazing. They slim the tummy, hips, thighs and bottom. The Spanx Power Panties have been made from soft cool material and offer firm support, they flatten the tummy and shape the waistline. The Spanx Power Panties has no leg band and flat sewn seams up the front and back. These briefs are almost invisible under your outfits and there is no need to worry about VPL.

The Spanx Power Panties Magic Knickers and the Trinny and Susannah magic knickers have famously been worn by  Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria.

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