How many different Bra types are there?

We all have our favorite type of bra and standby them, but how many more bra types are there and have you found your best bra type?

The Plunge bra is ideal for wearing with fitted tops and V shape blouses because of the low center front, it offers support and the shape promotes a natural, modest uplift for an enhanced cleavage look while supporting your bust. The Freya Deco Underwire Moulded Plunge Bra is the perfect plunge bra for everyday use.

The Full Cup bra is designed practically for full coverage, maximum support for the full breast and reduces pressure. The Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra is perfect for wearing daily in shirts and high neck tops

The Balcony bra is designed to sit horizontally across the chest giving less coverage. The shape of the balcony bra gives a natural uplift and great support like The Freya Teagan Underwire Balcony Bra.

Strapless bras are designed for contouring and offer less coverage, perfect for wearing with strapless dresses, tops or with spaghetti strap clothing. Some strapless bras will come with detachable, adjustable straps so you can wear this bra in two different styles for everyday use such as the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless.

Whether you want to reduce your bust, create an enhanced cleavage or just find the right support, you can achieve almost any look and support with the right bra. These are only a few of many bra types you can find in lingerie stores or websites.

Which one is your favorite bra type?

Will you be looking at different bra types?

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