McCa Plays The Gent

Paul McCartney must be the most gentlemanly like superstar in the world! Paul who was walking along the beach in Saint Bart’s with his is wife had his leisurely walk interrupted by a zealous fan.  The man who had been sunbathing ran up to Paul and his wife to greet his idol.  But the man seemed to forget about his topless companion, who tried to cover her modesty.  Adding to an already embarrassing moment the man proceeded to beckon over to his companion to come and meet Sir Paul McCartney, what do you do in such a situation, A) Put your Bikini  top back on and potential miss a once in a lifetime moment to meet a legend? or B) Do you meet the legendary Paul McCartney with your hand over your modesty? You guest correctly if you guessed B!!! She meet Sir Paul with no top on, and top it all off she has the smallest string bikini briefs on that she could probably find.  If you are trying to get that all over body tan and still leave your bikini top on we at Beau Dame would recommend that you take a look at the Panache swimwear range, which has a variety of colours and styles to suit every shape.  


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