Mila Kunis lingerie type dress


Beau Dame were waiting for the first of the Oscars images and stories to come up to see if the claws would come out on who was wearing what and if it was the right choice on the night!

Mila Kunis wore a fantastic lingerie type dress integrating a lacy bra into a pale blue lacy dress.

The look was fantastic as it showed how lingerie and outwear can merge and look elegant.

If you want to try the look yourselves, try a lacy bra - maybe a wonderbra ultimate strapless lacy with a shouldless dress.

The idea is to show a little of the underlying lingerie, but only enough to raise interest, not to look completely in undress.

Jennifer Hudson has on one news post, best dressed award and thats not hard to see with Jennifers incredible dress. We wonder if shapewear was used by Jennifer to get the fantastic shape.

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