New Catwalk Fashion Series: Updating Your Image with Jules Standish

Interesting article found at our friends website Catwalk Fashion. Updating your image Jules Standish

Jules-Standish Jules Standish at has years of experience giving advice on colours and styles and now you too can look your personal best for the rest of your life. If you want to update your image and start looking and feeling great then read Jules’ Top Tips exclusive to Catwalk Fashion between now and Xmas.

We will publishing the series over the next few weeks in which you can find out about how you can be your own:-

- Stylist; learn all about your body shape, are you a curvy gonadal or an athletic adrenal? What should you wear if your shoulders are smaller than your hips or you have a long body and short legs?

- Wardrobe Consultant; declutter and sort and find out how to accessorize cheaply and effectively.

- Colour and make up analyst: do you have a warm or cool skin tone? discover the secret in your eyes and what colour make up to wear.

- Personal Shopper; learn how to shop effectively and economically for best results.

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