New York Fashion Week - Lingerie steals the show.

Hot milk Age of AllureDesigner lingerie seems to be the show stopper at this Thursdays New York Fashion Week.

Proenza Schouler's layered silk slip dress - $1,225, Herve Leger's corset-inspired sheath at Saks Inc. - $1,350 and Bloomingdale's Club Monaco - $89 slips that peek out under a skirt, along with lacy camisoles.

"Lingerie is a great way to project femininity -- it is about alluding to what is underneath," said Caroline Belhumeur, a senior vice president at Club Monaco.

The emphasis on slinkiness may sway shoppers because it's such a departure from previous seasons, when more masculine styles like military designs dominated, said Stephanie Solomon, fashion director of Macy's Inc.'s Bloomingdale's stores.

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