Night Glow Lingerie - Good or Bad ??

Great to see Luminglow have brought out a new line. This Glow in the dark lingerie is quite quirky, and to be fair, edgy too. The upside for us lads, is that we can get a good look at the prize in the dark. The downside though, is that after 10 pints on a Saturday night, its not always great to pay too much attention to the night's offering if you catch my drift. With the "High Viz" clobber, it may just stop the odd Gal getting lucky !!! But, the Aussie invention, made from a European lace looks set to be a winner, and you just have to hold it near a light for a few seconds, then, it glows in the dark. If nothing else, us lads can find the tv remote in the dark if all else fails. Adios.

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