No more airbrushing for Ultimo

We found this article to be very close to our hearts and we are supporters of the natural look and believe airbrushing should be stamped out.

Ultimo founder Michelle Mone calls for an end to airbrushing of models after the Ralph Lauren debacle involving model Filippa Hamilton who was airbrushed so her head was larger than her waist.

The Glasgow based entrepreneur realised that the young and impressionable are constantly bombarded with images that have been airbrushed beyond any reasonable level and when her own daughter - aged 10 - believed she needed to diet having seen the image of Filippa in The Sun, she called for and end to airbrushing.

Claims have been rife in that Filippa, who has had a longstanding relationship with Ralph Lauren, has been sacked for being too fat and not fitting their clothes properly. The statuesque model, who is a size 8, was airbrushed beyond any recognition for the recent campaign of the label. Ralph Lauren, once embodied the All American ideal of the healthy looking, outdoors type girl with a wholesome image shocked the fashion press with the latest offering.

As a result, Michelle Mone decided to take the matter into her own hands and be very sensible when it comes to the level as to which the campaign pictures of the labels are enhanced. She stated that our industry is no stranger to some enhancement of pictures, where blemishes need to be taken out or where a garment which is not an ideal fit on the model needs some correction. However, extreme measures such as the example above are a no no at the Ultimo camp.

The recent pictures of Peaches Geldof for the Miss Ultimo range, reveal Peaches in all her curvy glory, leaving all her tattoos despite numerous complaints. We say, thumbs up to Ms. Mone and her au natural approach.

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