Pamela Anderson lingerie pictures - too much airbrushing?

pamela anderson lingerie

Pamela Anderson has a new set of lingerie photos out as here.
The Daily Mail argues that Pammy has had a tad too much airbrushing in the photos.
Maybe some airbrushing is in there, but in all fairness, Pammy keeps herself in shape and looks great for her age, but if you want images of her looking 20 years old then any 40 year old will need a few lines and creases airbrushing out!

Maybe if the media showed women and men for that matter as they actually look at their age, then maybe some may not feel as self concious about how they look at their age.
Personally, i've not seen any 40+ aged person without a few lines on their face, unless they have had a good course of botox!

Pamela Anderson was married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in 1995 after only knowing him for 96 hours.

They then filed for divorce twice before reconciling twice but broke up permanently in 2000.

Pamela married Kid Rock in July 2006 but filed for divorce from just four months later.

In October 2007, Pamela married Rick Salomon but after the couple separated two months later she asked the courts to annul the marriage citing fraud. She was also engaged to model Marcus Schenkenberg.

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