Penny Lancaster post baby look in shorts.

penny lancaster lingerie

former lingerie model, Penny Lancaster, was seen out and about in Beverley Hills, post baby body, according to the Daily Mail.

Penny wore short denims and a floral shirt on her trip out, but without new born, Aiden, which sounds like a brief rest from early parenting. Rod stewart at a recent appearance, stated - recently confessed that he leaves night feeds to his wife, preferring to get his beauty sleep in the spare room.

Aiden won't be the only baby of the Stewart family for long - Rod's daughter Kimberly, 31, is expecting her first child this year after a secret fling with actor Benicio Del Toro.

We wonder if Penny will go back to lingerie modelling in the future or persue other interests. Penny has the look to do it, but will the responsibility of motherhood take all her time?

Either way, good luck with the new baby Penny and Rod!

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