Plie Brazilian Shapewear

Plie-shapewearEvidently, it seems we're all on the trail of that perfect figure, and by perfect figure, I'm not talking size 0, because everybody is blessed with curves, and everybody should embrace what they are born with.

That said, we will at some point carry a little excess, it's going to happen, and with fad dieting out and surgery far too expensive for the masses, what's the alternative?

Well not so long ago a clever little invention hit the headlines in the form of Shapewear underwear, this new type of underwear sucks in the bits you don't want to see, and hides those little indescretions when you need to wear that all important little black dress. 

This is not breaking news I hear you cry, I know, however, I would like to let you into a little secret in terms of the shapewear "battle of the brands" as it were.

Beau Dame Lingerie have tried all the well know brands, and we currently have them all in stock and online here, however, I bet you're not familar with a brand called Plie Brazilian Shapewear are you? Be honest.

The company hail from Brazil, and their range can be found online here. I urge you to have a browse online and view their range guys, because, in terms of price point, comfort, fit and overall quality, Plie Brazilian shapewear in our opinion, get 5 stars.

Here is the list of other suppliers that we stock at Beau Dame Lingerie - Shapewear Collection

  1. Trinny & Susannah
  2. Spanx
  3. Ambra
  4. Silhouette
  5. Playtex
  6. Fantasie
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