Plus Size lingerie, the New Hollywood standard?

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, although actresses or models who are plus size, are rarely  in the limelightin Hollywood, that may start to change.
'Gabourey Sidibe's Oscar nomination in 2010, Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva show cast a plus size actress in the lead role, ABC Family's new show Huge boasts a curvy cast and a storyline focused on plus size teens, and last but not least, the hit series Glee is receiving buzz about its plus size character and her increased story line that includes a love interest.'

"Seeing more women of different sizes and shapes in the media being defined as more than their weight is a start". Nicole Irvin, spokeswoman for E Global, LLC, owners of, which launched both its site and its "Sexy is not about Size" campaign this year. "But the real message isn't that being heavy or thin is the ideal. Its self acceptance that's ideal. Its being healthy that is ideal. And in a world of healthy women, we just have accepted not everyone was built to be a size 4."

Survey data following more than 11,000 adults conducted by researches with Statistics Canada, McGill University and the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research found that participants with a body mass index of 25 to 29.9, which is currently considered overweight but not obese -- have a survival advantage over people with either higher or lower BMIs.

The aim long term - a greater acceptance of different sizes and shapes in Hollywood.
This maybe easier said than done. The media has portrayed the ideal female as a skinny. On screen or in print, women or men for that matter, shown as the ideal around 8% body fat levels, then most of us have to live and train like semi pro athletes to have the same look. Not fair!
Not all of us have personal trainers, people to plan and keep us on track with nutrition intake and stylists to make what we have look the very best.
If you look back at the ideal shape in the 50's - most have natural shapes, even models with a few folds of fat we have seen. Was that look great at the time? Yes, as that was the given as the ideal.

Remember, never feel guilty when you next see an image on screen or print of someone with very low body fat and toned figure. They are paid to look like that! Pay me to look like that for my job and i will set to it!......(still need my balanced diet though...!)

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