Plus size swimwear uk

freya supernova

After the weekend's lovely weather, most of us are feeling summery, looking ahead to bright summers days, maybe at the beach or just relaxing in the nice weather.
The sunny weather is amazing for the effect on what people wear, clothing goes from multiple layers to tankinis, bikinis and swimsuits, loose fitting clothes.
If you are a plus size and want to wear soemthing more revealing to capture some of that vitamin D, please take a look at our swimwear range. There are plenty of sizes and styles for you to try to join in the summer fun and as long as you wear something with confidence, you will always be fine.
Try a tankini first as a they will work with most clothing and have a vest/t-shirt thing happening in one, along with looking great and feeling summery.
Swimsuits are stylish enough with the right design to work as great summer wear, fantastic for the 'just been swimming' look.
This summer you shouldn't be without something nice.
Plus size swimwear uk

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