Pyjamas Are Not Just For Winter

There was a recent article published by the Telegraph newspaper stating after months of research they had come to the conclusion that sales of pyjamas has soared due to the comforting effects.  Pyjamas are now associated keeping out the economic and climatic chill.

The Sales of Pyjamas have also increased due to the demand in lounge wear, in effect killing two birds with one stone.  There are many of us including young and old that enjoy climbing into our Pyjamas at the end of the day.

If you are looking for stylish yet practical Pyjamas look no further as BeauDame Lingerie have a full range of sleepwear in stock.  If you are feeling generous treat somebody else to a pair, they make great gifts all year round.

Just remember, do not wear your Pyjamas to do your weekly shop at Tesco’s because they will escort you out of the Shop.

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