Review of the Panache Porcelain 3376

So what can I tell you about the Panache Porcelain moulded bra on first inspection the Panache Porcelain bra is a underwired bra which comes in the usual 3 colours Black, White and Nude which are great for everyday bras.  The cups are moulded cups which are soft to the touch, the bra has slight padding as do all moulded cups so there is no need to worry about the outline of your bra showing as the whole bra is seam free, there is not enough padding for you to feel that it will increase the size of your boob by an extra size.  The cups of the Panache Porcelain bra although they are a balconette cup the cups are cut quite low so you could get away with wearing a low cut top with this bra.  The straps of the bra are adjustable at the rear of the bra and there are 3 hook and eye fastenings so you can choose which fastening feels most comfortable for you.  Although as a rule you should always wear a new bra on the loosest fastening this is because as a bra gets older the material will give so you should move through the hook and eye fastenings.  There are 2 hooks on each of the fastenings.  Now to get to the review of the Panache Porcelain Moulded Bra 3376 this bra’s recommended retail price is £26 the bra is a plain bra which is perfect for a T shirt bra, so called so that you can wear bras like this under close fitting t shirts, vests and jersey dresses without worrying about the bra being visible.  I choose my normal bra size which is a 32D and put this bra on  and the first thing I noticed was that this bra was quite a snug fitting bra almost on the smaller end of the scale.   I noticed that this bra instantaneously gave me absolutely fantastic  uplift and front projection.  I did not have to mess with my boobs to get them in place the cups fitted perfectly.  The straps are of  normal width even including the bigger cup sizes.  The central gore sits comfortably between my boobs and the wires are at an angle so as not to dig into the side of the boobs.  The wires however do come quite high up under the armpits.  In my opinion this is a great everyday t shirt bra that you can comfortably wear all day and not even notice that you have a bra on, well almost.

This bra is perfect for wearing under: Close fitting clothes including Vests, T shirts, Dresses and Blouses.

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