Revolutionary sports bra has banished the bounce

panache sports braA new welcome bit of news for sports women dreaming about some extra support in their sports bras will have some good news this October.

Scientists have made a sports bra which states to ‘banish the bounce’.

Unlike traditional ‘crop top’ products, the bra hold each breasts individually in protected moulded cups and says it will reduce movement coming from all angles.

The designers repeat the bra successfully acts as ‘two hands holding the breasts’ as opposed to the conventional sports bra, that smoothes over  the rib cage.

Panache, A brand know for plus size lingerie (please see our Panache selection here.), spent three years researching the ‘battle of the bounce’ which is now preparing to launch the sports bra this October.

The bra being billed as going for around £35, will be available in sizes D to H, was the idea of head designer Clare Fallon. It had been  tested by Loughborough Sports Technology Institute, in Leicestershire.

Throughout their research, they monitored the breast movement of a 32E model with a treadmill using 3D motion sensors.

The results found the bra reduced bounce by 83 per cent, in contrast to 65 per cent by rival bra manufacturers.

Sturdy: The Panache sports bra states to reduce bounce by 83 per cent, so sports women can feel more confident and arguable push themselves more during activity. However this may disappoint male fans of women's sports, including the much loved beach volleyball!

Miss Fallon, who has worked for Sheffield-based Panache for 18 years, said: ‘This was probably the hardest bra that I have ever had to design because there were so many elements to it.

‘Most people think designing a bra is just cutting out two triangles and sewing them together - they don’t realise just how much technical work goes into it.’

The pursuit of the perfect sports bra has been a quest since the start of bra manufacturer and only since the advances in materials and design has this bra been possible.

A survey for Panache found 42 per cent felt their sports bra were not adequate for its purpose and mostly half experienced breast pain during exercising.

British javelin thrower Goldie Sayers is an ambassador for the bra. She said: ‘A well-fitted bra is essential for any sports woman with a large bust.’

Beau Dame will be stocking the bra as soon as it is released, hopefully in October, so either pre-order your bra or signup to our mailing list to be informed.

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