Saudi Arabia - Women can now buy and sell lingerie.

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A campaign to change a law where only men can sell lingerie publically has been changed with help from the king.

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A law in which sexes are not allowed to 'interact' from an interpretation of Muslim Sharia, meant that shop assistants were male.

This led to helpful shop assistants having to guess a womans bra size from looking at their abayas, the long outerwear worn by women in public in the country.

A Facebook campaign two years ago - "Enough Embarrassment" was started to rectify the situation, pointing out that the Labour Ministry guidelines in 2002, stated that a move to female shop assistants was needed.
One chain adopted females as shop assistants, but this only inflamed the situation ahead of a decision with some senior clerics putting out Fatwas on some females put in the positions.

King Abdullah intervened and pledged to broaden access to education and jobs for women in Saudi Arabia since coming to the throne in 2005, said from now on some jobs would be reserved for women only – including working in lingerie shops.

"From now, embarrassment will end," one of the campaigners, Fatima Garub, said. "We thank the king. He felt our problem."

Hopefully, the new ruling will mean woman can be served and enjoy the full service they should have when buying lingerie and other goods for that matter.
Do you agree or disagree with the decision?

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