Saudi Women to Sell lingerie to women.

lingerie saudi arabia

As reported in the Sidney Herald,

Saudi Arabia is changing job rules so that female staff can serve female customers in lingerie stores.

It took a boycott, online campaigns and intervention by King Abdullah to counter fatwas on lingerie service, so that women wouldn't have to talk to male shop staff about cup sizes and other lingerie matters.

Other areas of liberation are - more jobs and education for women and, last week, a lift on the ban of women driving.

''This is something great! A huge change,'' 18-year-old Latifa al-Fahed says as she scans the lingerie racks at the Kingdom Centre's Debenhams department store. King Abdullah's edict, yet to be implemented, requires female staff to sell ''women's necessities'', even in malls where men are present.

Even conservative women applaud the lingerie measure. ''I'm married, so I wanted to buy something a little sexy,'' says Fatima, a 22-year-old in a niqab. ''These are sensitive issues, and I definitely would not buy from a man.''

Saudi activists argue that each pending change, while small on the surface, should be viewed as chipping away at the segregation that crushes the job prospects of most of the kingdom's more than 10 million Saudi women and drains fortunes from them and their families.

Smashing one barrier may lead to breakthroughs in other fields, says Princess Ameerah al-Taweel, 28, an outspoken advocate of women being educated, employed and able to drive.

Its wonderful to see more liberation for women in Saudi.

Sensitivity is needed  in these areas, but a small push regularly will allow Saudi women more choice.

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