Shapewear Seams V No Seams

  • Seams - as opposed to seamless, provide shaping, slimming, smoothing and comfort.
  • Without seams it is functionally very difficult to mould the body.
  • The concern with most women is smoothness, not seamless. Therefore, the key is seams that are smooth and that do not show under clothing.
  • Each of the various styles we stock online are smoothing, shaping, and seamed, and do provide excellent control. (See next post for a product comparison).
  • The Seamless product provides smoothing.
  • We provide garments which smooths seams that provide shaping and control. We also provide firmer control garments, and waist cinchers. Each of the various styles provide differnt types of control.  
  • You should decide how much control you desire then choose the correct type of garment from our extensive ranges online

Next post we'll go through some reviews from the team here at Beau Dame Lingerie.

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