Shock Absorber Bra 4490 - 30 Day Diary-Day 2.

Day 2

Well after a lot of stretching and procrastinating and looking out of the window and sighing, I did it I went out for a run if you could call it that!  I put all my warm clothes on because yesterday it was freezing, I put my hat and gloves on as well and I started to run.  I managed to run for precisely 5 minutes and 47 seconds before I thought my lungs were bleeding, because it was so cold every time I took a breath it actually burnt my throat and lungs!  I am so unfit.  I decided that I would do my run walk thing, which is one minute walk one minute run for the next week and build up gradually.

Anyway down to business, how did the Shock Absorber 4490 hold up for its first outing.  Well if I can call it an outing I had this sports bra on for 30 minutes and I forgot about my boobs, they did not move at all, there was no bounce they stayed in place! I got home and put my Shock Absorber 4490 straight in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash and my sports bra is not drying on my towel rail waiting for me to put it on for my new run.

Hope my next run is better than my first run.  The way I see it is it can only get better from here!

See you tomorrow.

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