Silhouette takes centre stage

Our very own Manchester based lingerie brand Silhouette is set to become the subject of not only a book, but two plays, and an exhibition about the brands history.

The book is first and was launched at the Old Coton Silhouette factory in Shrewsbury and followed up by an exhibition in St Mary's church Shrewsbury. The plays will then feature at Market Drayton Festival Centre & Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn.

Be warned however, that due to popular demand they have completely sold out, nonetheless, there are new dates penciled in for 1-3 March 2010.

We are proud to stock silhouette in our store,

Here is a snippet of the brands history
posterIn 1887, in Cologne, Germany, Max Lobbenberg and Emil Blumenau founded 'Ski Corset', a corsetry company which survived the First World War and the Great Depression to become one of the most successful manufacturers in Germany, with subsidiary companies in Paris, Amsterdam, London and the U.S.A. The rise of the Nazis forced the Jewish owners to sell Ski Corset to a Bavarian Company; but the London subsidiary, under Hans Blumenau (son of Emil) continued to operate, under a different name. ‘Silhouette Corset’ was born and, throughout the 1930s, it flourished to become one of the UK’s leading corsetry companies.  If you would like to read more, the rest of the brands history can be found here, Personally I find it a fascinating brand.

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