SlutWalk London - large support for women.

Slut walk London went ahead this weekend starting in Trafalgar Square, with hundred of participants in attendance.
The event was organised to show that women should be able to go out and wear what ever they like without facing harassment.

The idea for SlutWalk was born in Toronto after a police officer caused outrage by stating that 'women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised' during a speech to university students.
Police officer Michael Sanguinetti told students at Osgoode Hall Law School during a campus safety talk: 'Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.'

The first 'Slut Walk' took place in Toronto last April.

Various banners and placards were shown at the walk -

'It's a dress, not a yes', 'Women against rape', 'No means no' and 'Hijabs, hoodies, hotpants, our bodies, our choices'.

One sign read 'We are all chambermaids' – a reference to the recent Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex case.

Student Sofia Capel, 25, said: 'It's not the victim's fault if they're raped. Some men think they own the right to women's bodies.'

Rachel Sullivan, 35, another protester who was casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, said: 'It's unusual for us in England to demonstrate like this, but this is too much, what this policeman said.'

Several men joined the protest too. Among them was Andy Fell, a 27-year-old sound engineer.

He said: 'I came to show my solidarity with my girlfriend, and with the issue as well.'

A man and a woman, walking arm in arm, both wore bras and had the word 'slut' written across the midriff.

Caitlin Hayward-Tapp, one of the event's organisers, said: 'We are using the word slut because that is the word the officer used.... and by using it so often we feel we have taken some of the power out of it... it can't hurt us anymore.'

A demonstation such as this raises obvious opinions on both sides of the argument.
Women should be able to wear whatever they want to with the threat of mistreatment, Women should know that if they dress provocatively, then they should expect some attention - good and bad.......

What are your opinions on the demonstration, good or bad, right or wroing or somewhere in the middle?? Have your say.

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