Spanx has got the X Factor!!!

Spanx has the X Factor? Yes it's official, we have it on good authority too, Mirror writer Beth Neil has described her X-Factor Experience.

...we spent hours helping chief stylist Faye Sawyer dress the performers before Saturday's show.

"Dont forget the Spanx!" Shouts Faye to one of her assistants.

The ultimate in Body-Shaping knickers have taken the world by storm, (Beau Dame Lingerie stocks a full range here, including the world renown Spanx)

According to our source they have become a celeb must have, and are indeed an X-factor staple.

"You wouldn't believe the things that go on under those clothes!" says Faye. "Spanx are amazing, an absolute must for smoothing everything out."

We always knew that celebs love the shapewear, but now we have it on good authority, that it's a must have for any female wardrobe. Bring on the Spanx...

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