Summer fashion - Don't do it wrong!

Is it that we look to be more fashionable in the summer,  is it we look more closely or sometimes we plain and simple commit very bad fashion faux pas in the summer months?
Black or any contrasting colour briefs, under white pants, grey or brightly coloured bras under thin t-shirts or tank tops.
With a little fore-thought, you can wear lingerie that will suit and be appropriate with your summer styles.

A slip as a dress in the 1990's maybe in the past, but these days, slips and chemises are designed to be more like outer wear.
Worn with leggings and sandals, a slip or chemise will work.
If you have the confidence, you could wear as evening wear with high heels, but try this out first.

Try the BeaDame slips.

Light or white pants.
White is back so if you purchase a white pants then you will have to choose wisely your lingerie. Black or white briefs won't show your best. Black as it will stand out a mile and white will show amassive panty line.
Go for a nude colour, closest to your skin tones and a laser cut variety to get rid of panty lines.

Summer tops.
A t-shirt or tank top is great in hot weather. As above, a nude colour will work well in this combo.

Summers Bras.
Push up bras will help this season, giving you lift and shape. You need a bra that is light, but also holds.
For Beau Dames full range of bras, please visit our bra section.

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