The Bikini Body Countdown!

‘Lose 20 Pounds Fast!’ ‘Get your perfect beach body with these easy, simple 3 steps’ ‘Best weight loss Pills’

Yes it’s that time of year. With diet sites and gym posters popping up eye-catching ‘promises’,  shoving it down your throat to make you lose weight with odd ‘simple’ steps or diet pills that make you miserable and unhealthy.

A new research according to a survey out on ITV's Good Morning Britain and the Daily Mail state that today is the day millions on Brits will start their bikini body diets just 4 weeks before summer officially lands.

With fashion designer and TOWIE star Gemma Collins as a guest on Good Morning Britain she was discussing about her struggles with yoyo-dieting and her new health plan by cutting out processed food which has lead her to lose over a stone in six weeks. But has she really just cut out processed food? The TOWIE star statement 'All my life I've done every diet from the maple syrup diet, dieting pills, shake diets, the cabbage soup diet, the egg diet, the grapefruit diet. There's no diet I haven't done. Nothing has worked for me.' The fuller figured star has been attending boot camp to up her exercise regime and even a raw vegan detox retreat but leaves after only six hours.

Going on a diet is not always about what you are consuming or cutting out of your daily routine, a major part of losing weight and getting healthy is mostly to do with how much exercise you do. The dreaded word ‘exercise’ haunts most of us in our dreams but changing a few things can make you feel a lot better such as going for a walk, standing up more, going to the gym, an exercise DVD, yoga ect.  When joining a gym or starting to do any form of exercise don’t forget to purchase the correct sportswear, one of our favourites is the Shock Absorber Maximum Support Sports Bra which you can find on our site.

The survey states that 86% of diets will fail within a week and 52% of diets will last only 3 days. All reports of diets and slimming down foods will always have positive and negative view but the question we all have on our minds is what diet is the best for you?

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