The MiracleSuit Swimsuit Arrives


Look 10lbs lighter in 10 Seconds? Sound too good to be true, well it's not, and here is why, The Miraclesuit is a unique and innovative swimsuit that contours, shapes, slims and firms the body. The secret is in the Miratex fabric, which has three times the spandex of traditional swimwear fabrics. When a woman puts on a Miraclesuit she appears to lose 10 lbs in 10 seconds …. The 10 seconds it takes to slip it on. The result is “Figure Shaping Fantastic”.

The suits are designed with details like shirring, draping and pleating to accentuate the positives and camouflage the trouble spots.

The Miraclesuit collection is designed to appeal to women of all ages – there is something for everyone and every body. “Shaping with Style” is MiracleSuit's new mantra and their swimsuits not only have to control your figure but do it with flair and the design team have surpassed themselves. The collection for 2010 is all that a woman needs to make her feel confident, controlled and chic. Feel beautiful when venturing out to the beach or the pool.

We have just taken delivery of our batch and we are delighted to enhance our Shapewear section into to Swimwear. Shop now, here,

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