The Naked Dress

As most of us are all aware that fearless Rihanna has been basted all over fashion news for wearing a very revealing dress at the CFDA Fashion Awards. However she is not the first to wear The Naked Dress. In fact there is a whole group of woman who have shown more than just cleavage and daring outfits.

An article from ELLE online discusses the evolution of ‘The Naked Dress’ that has been worn by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Toni Braxton and Iggy Azalea.

Naked Dress inspired by Sex and the City

The original ‘Naked Dress’ comes from the ever popular Sex and the city worn by the fashionable and style icon Carrie Bradshaw portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker. On the first season of Sex and the city Carrie wears this Naked Dress for a cover shoot to promote her weekly column for a high New York Magazine.

With Rihanna’s almost naked dress has been all over the internet I personally think she look absolutely beautiful. In the days we live in now no one really takes a risk like this anymore. The dress has over 200,000 Swarovski crystals with matching gloves and head scarf with a glamorous pink fur stole. The design of the dress has been linked to the dress Marilyn Monroe donned to sing to JFK.

Rihanna pushed herself back into the spotlight with a statement dress and I for one, respect her for her confidence and incredible style.

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