Underwear as Outerwear

The latest fashion has been lingerie to be worn as outerwear, to complement other items of clothing.

'Sleep-to-street,' as named by retailers, is popular with simple and elegant lace and the advantage of choice of many colours to match your other clothing.
boudoir outfits have worked, which ,maybe a consideration.

Underwear as Outerwear can be matched to other parts of your wardrobe or used as a foundation for the rest of your wardrobe, which ever fits your style and taste.

Vintage-inspired items with a modern twist or design - high-waisted briefs, corsets and girdles - shapewear that enhance your feminine shape. These items work as they are modern in make but show an interest in the vintage - show you know your stuff and are modern.

If you can, experiment with Underwear as Outerwear. Start with subtle items with softer colours and build from there.

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