When Should You Start Wearing a Nursing Bra?


So as a follow up to my post below. The question is now, when should you start wearing a nursing bra?


When should you, well hopefully this post will help you. A Nursing bra should not be bought until the begining of the eighth month of pregnancy, as the breasts have usually stopped growing by then. As the breast size can increase when lactation starts after birth, we recommend buying a nursing bra one size larger than the previous size. The underbust band should fit comfortably when on the last hook. Measure your bust again if you're not sure.

So, what type of nursing bra or what brand? Well I suppose that choice is clearly down to the wearer, however, we can show you a few brands that we stock, and tell you a little bit about what they can offer. Our brands are Freya, Hotlmilk and Anita

Most of our bras come with soft pretty styling, support and total comfort with a feminie tailored look without compromise to quality, however, Anita are slightly different and offer that little bit more, Anita offer,

  • Seamlessly pre-formed cups on most models for particularly sensitive breasts;
  • All-round breast support for optimum support;
  • Stretch, adjustable straps, firmly connected to the breast support to prevent them slipping backwards when opened;
  • Stretch back with 3 or 4 position fastener;
  • Nursing clips;
  • Naturally shaping soft underwiring for a perfect fit and unrestricted milkflow during breastfeeding.

Any questions or queries relating to this post should be directed to David Adamson (Blog Administrator) however, please remember this is advice only regarding purchasing a nursing bra, always consult with your midwife or GP should you have any concerns about breastfeeding and or, parenthood in general.

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