Why your love handles may be GOOD for you!

An interesting article from the Daily Mail on the tpoic of fat actually being good for you.
But, read the full article to get the full picture. The title doesn't give carte blanche to eat everything you like all the time. The article sums up that a bit of fat is good for you, but being obese is not - Fat helps fight infection, helps protect your internal organs and summing up, saying it is being unfit, not fat that is the problem.
As with most things in life - moderation. The ultra skinny has been the image to attain around us in the media. If you don't have a skinny frame naturally, then probably genetics won't allow you to be ultra skinny unless you starve and train like a marathon runner. Also, fat is there for a reason -  Fuel stores and health. Otherwise, why would nature have us lug around excess weight. Your body loves to store fuel supplies if you work at it hard.
What do you think - fat = good or bad?

Read the full article to find out.

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