Wonderbra Ad - voted best ever!


The 1995 poster commissioned by TBWA for the UK market by Wonderbra, owned by Playtex, has topped a poll as best ad poster ever! (we wonder why!). The classic black and white photograph of Polish supermodel Eva Herzigova, looking smilingly down at her breats with the strapline, 'Hello Boys' has probably cost the car insurance companies quite a lot from male wondering eyes over the years.

The billboard advert was chosen from 100 that were voted on by more than 10,000 readers from the iafrica website.

The good news for all the males out there - A 2009 study claims that ogling a woman's breasts for 10 minutes daily can improve men's lifespan by five years......a de-stresser or lease of happy chemicals into the blodd stream....as long as it works!

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