Working in Slippers?

DSC_0269Lately at work I have picked up a new habit. A very comfortable habit. A few weeks ago
myself and Casey decided to go to Morrison’s to pick up some lunch as it was a nice day. On our way there it was quite adventurous as it was quite windy and well let us just say you should be more careful when you’re wearing a dress.

On our way back we decided to try a short cut, well what we thought was a short cut. Around 45 minutes later from going up hills, getting lost in housing estates and Casey’s shoe going half way down the road, we finally got back to work.

Knowing now that I was wearing the complete wrong footwear to go on a hike I started to feel my feet burn and swell. I knew I had to take my shoes off so the pain would go away so I asked if I could wear some of the discontinued slippers which were just gathering dust on the side. Thankfully they said yes. I’ve never felt heaven like it.

The softness of the fabric and the spongy soles mould to your foot shape hugging every part of your foot this is the perfect slipper with a cute side bow on a grey base with white and grey strips.

Every day from them I have come to work in my own shoes, but they haven’t stayed on for long. Knowing I won’t be going home with sore feet is somehow relaxing and quite therapeutic.

These wonderful slippers are coming soon to Beau Dame Lingerie, and I cannot wait for you to feel the comfort!

From now on everyday will be a slipper day at work for me.

Abigail ox

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