Wrap Up Warm

dressing-gownWell what can I say? -16 degrees last night, and in some parts of Britain, it dropped to a staggering -21, according to weather experts this has been the worst cold snap in the UK we've experienced since 1962.

I can't recall it ever being this cold in my lifetime either. I know what I do in situations like this, and I know it's the first thing we do as a nation? 

We reach for the thermostat. Up and up it goes to keep us nice and toasty.

So why am I writing telling you all this? Hardly rocket science is it? Of course not. 

Well, I'm telling you this becuase I do have a cheaper alternative to an increased heating bill... 

How about a nice sexy fleece dressing gown to keep you snug and warm whilst at home, no need to crank up the dial on the central heating system then is there? Simple and effective.

We have a lovely range in at the minute, from Heart print to animal print to a simple plain design. You can check them out in our online store now, plus we stock thermal vests, nighties and PJ's for a lovely cosy night in.

Dressing Gowns - http://www.beaudamelingerie.co.uk/nightwear/dressing-gown.html

Nightwear - http://www.beaudamelingerie.co.uk/nightwear.html

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